Toddlers with Curly Hair : Ways to Tame Curls on a Regular Basis

Curls look pretty, gorgeous and unique. Curly haired children come across compliments every now and then.  Ringlets call for attention from friends, acquaintances and even strangers. I am not bragging but we have had instances when people wanted themselves clicked with my four-year-old daughter for the lovely curls she adorns. She has some of the […]

Making Study Time Engaging and Interesting for Kids

Gosh! Ask me about it. There’s a constant tussle between me and my kids about revising their school work. They run miles away from it, especially the writing bit. But well, better late than never. I have finally come to terms with giving them ample space and freedom to choose a time when they are […]

Ways to Motivate Kids to Clean up Mess after Playtime!

Kids are the purest form of expression that nature has blessed mankind with. They are fresh, radiant, bustling with ideas, super energetic and always up to creating something. They are wise but sometimes it’s important to channelise their energies towards something constructive. A lot of the time they already know what they want and what […]

Most Common Parenting Mistakes

Unintentionally, we make some of the most common parenting mistakes. Let’s hear about them and be mindful the next time we utter or expect our child to be the way we want them to be.. Here we go!!!  1. SAYING NO WITHOUT PUTTING A THOUGHT BEHIND IT. A LOT OF TIME ITS A MECHANICAL NO […]

Fostering Self Esteem in Children

What is fostering positive self esteem in kids?  When your child thinks and feels good and worthy in their eyes.  But, how does that happen?  This happens when a child hears selective NOs and enough acknowledgements from either or both parents and people in their immediate environment such as grandparents, friends, educators etc.  Self esteem […]

Topic – How can we address kids’ emotional cravings?

Kids crave for parents’ undivided attention. Gizmos, gadgets, devices all are an escape route for them when they are not given to do things they truly want to engage themselves with. Have we ever realised just as we have cravings children too crave for a lot of things? Cravings are not only associated with eating […]

Dads Everlasting Bond with His Children

Kids and their dads share a special bond. The maternal bond is widely spoken and understood  while the fatherly bond remains under wraps.  Dads are extremely compassionate and emote their affection in a unique way. Children sense their dad’s affection in a million ways. So, what makes dad’s presence important?         Dads somehow manage to keep […]

Spirit of Independence : A New Perspective!

A very warm welcome to mommies and kiddies on Independence Day!  Ever since our childhood, every independence day our routine was to watch some cultural performances, remember our freedom fighters, sing the national anthem and the day would end there. And now our children are following the same footsteps. While all of the above is […]

Sibling Rivalry: Catch them Young.

“Siblings :Children of the same parents, who are perfectly normal, until they get together.” Sam Levenson Yes, you got it right! In a household where there is more than one child, Sibling Rivalry is Inevitable! It doesn’t mean there is something wrong with your children or you are going wrong with parenting. Though in some […]

Happy Hormones : Ways to Create an Upbeat and Happy Mood During Pandemic.

Hey mommies!  These days because of Coronavirus its become a constant struggle to keep a balanced state of mind. With suddenly so much to do, even 24 hours seem less. Right from household chores, office commitments, home schooling everything looks like unending chores.  Although we are already 10 months into quarantine, still there are miles […]

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