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My name is Aditi Malik. I am a Parenting Educator and Coach. What made me turn into one, is the burning desire and passion to learn and implement mindful ways to nurture my children. Over the years, and after making multiple mistakes, I realised that nurturing starts from the parent. Unless as a parent we use conscious ways to understand ourselves and our priorities, how can we expect our children to grow into happy, successful, and self-reliant adults. Although it is tempting to parent the child and mould them in the ways we desire, we should also remember to support them in the ways that are best for their growth and development. 

Being a mommy two times over, and remaining hands on with my children has made me assimilate the minutest details on many parenting do’s and don’ts. I do believe there’s no handbook to parenting yet useful interactions and advice can help us sail through the toughest moments in an unperturbed way. 

I am here to help you in the best possible way by sharing tools and techniques that will empower you as a Parent. I am thrilled to have you as a part of my community called Mommyitup,  bustling with insights on parenting, and self help. 

A bit about my background 

Prior to embracing motherhood, I was part of the Corporate Workforce for over a decade and was associated with a leading Media House driving their knowledge strategy across industry segments. It was a cushy job with a great profile , yet I could see a void and was always scouting for fulfillment which I received in leaps and bounds by extending a helping hand to the fellow parents. 

Here, I am all driven and inspired to bring about a positive perspective to parenting, and make steps to revolutionise the way parenting is perceived and practised. 

Join my workshops to experience a transformational change in the manner you parent yourself and your child.   

About Mommyitup

Every parent has an important role to play in bringing up their children. Love, care, affection from both parents has its own impression on a child’s mind. Mommyitup is a platform for new-age parents in bringing up their children in a positive, and joyful way. Here, it is all about embracing the daily grind yet taking charge and gearing up to make the most of the fascinating journey called Parenting.

Mommyitup is all about welcoming change at different stages of life. Whether it’s parenting tips and tricks, or decoding life we are here to help you so that you step up and shine every step of the way.

We can be reached at contactme@aditimalik.com. Do share your experiences, suggestions and feedback.