Toddlers with Curly Hair : Ways to Tame Curls on a Regular Basis

Curls look pretty, gorgeous and unique. Curly haired children come across compliments every now and then. 

Ringlets call for attention from friends, acquaintances and even strangers. I am not bragging but we have had instances when people wanted themselves clicked with my four-year-old daughter for the lovely curls she adorns. She has some of the lovely nicknames by her friends and teachers. 

Despite all the attention these curls receive, ask a mom who puts a lot of effort and tries to keep their beauty intact. Her only mission is to maintain them the way they were gifted to her child by nature. 

In our house, every morning starts with combating the comb woes. 

To provide my curly haired beauty a smooth combing routine,  I ended up reading varied articles, subscribed to newsletters, and followed groups on social media to crack the code of managing curls. This was to overcome the daily tussle and keep tears at bay each day.  

It prompted me to share some easy to handle tips that moms of curly haired girls keep in mind while ensuring a comfortable combing routine each morning : 

1. Never brush their hair. Brushing breaks curls. Instead, use a wide tooth comb that too for combing the front hair and gently combing the ends. 

2. Detangle the rest of the hair with your fingers. When it gets tough, use some coconut oil and then detangle. You can also use a mild, kids’ hair detangler. Detanglers are for curlies as it helps in preventing stubborn knots in the hair.

3. Use the shampoo sparingly. Curly hair has less moisture as compared to straight or wavy hair. You would want to preserve natural oils by using the shampoo once or twice a week. 

4 Use a shampoo that has no paraffin and sulfates. Use kids leave in conditioner for their hair. Make it a routine.

5. Comb when the hair is wet. Do not comb the entire length when the hair gets dried. 

6. Oil regularly because curly hair has a tendency to turn frizzy. 

7. Use a mild cotton towel to blot wet hair. Do not rub wet hair. Don’t use heavy towels. It causes tugging, pulling and ultimately hair breakage. 

Lastly, embrace and protect your child’s locks and never let your child develop a negative feeling towards her hair. Even though, as a mom it’s a tough game to manage curls, never let your child know that her hair is difficult to manage. She will realize as she grows, till then form a hair care routine so that she knows that’s how her mane is managed. 

Do let me know if you found this article useful. You could comment and share your journey and views with us. 

Happy Parenting!

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