Spirit of Independence : A New Perspective!

A very warm welcome to mommies and kiddies on Independence Day! 

Ever since our childhood, every independence day our routine was to watch some cultural performances, remember our freedom fighters, sing the national anthem and the day would end there. And now our children are following the same footsteps. While all of the above is extremely important for our children to know the rhyme and rhythm behind the Independence Day, it is equally relevant to inculcate some life skills in them on this special day especially when kids these days are already expressive and know what they want. 

This year since my children are at a stage when they question most of the things and are always inquisitive to know in detail about everything around them. I thought of explaining to them how we can use freedom in our daily lives and how doing things with a free mind can be so much fun.

Keeping up with the spirit of Independence, here are a few ways in which we can approach Independence day this year: 

1. Freedom of thought and expression : 

Give children space to feel confident in sharing what they feel, without making judgements. Expression could be simply by speaking their heart out or giving their expression a creative outlet. Encourage them to feel free to share what’s on their mind in what ever manner they want to share.  As parents, you would understand their mindset and form amazing bonds with your children. 

2. Freedom to choose : 

Give them the freedom to make healthy decisions from a behavioural standpoint . Eventually they will make lesser mistakes of harming their surroundings. We all aim our children to be good human beings in their life. While being good is difficult at times as you grow up, and right and wrong is a subjective term but inculcating values such as freedom to choose constructive behaviour from an early age will be fruitful in the long run. 

3. Freedom to believe in themselves  : 

Help them to believe in their strengths and talents. No matter what anyone says, teach them not to get bothered by negative influences in their environment. If they put their efforts into creating something then it’s the best version of their creativity. There is scope for improvement for everyone and they too will learn to improve themselves as they grow.

4. Freedom to trust their capabilities:

Trust comes with instances that help you in a positive way. Help your little ones to overcome fear and move forward. For example your child is  learning a new sport and is continuously  falling and unable to do as expected. You should talk to her to trust the process and that they will be playing the sport very well in a few days /months, if they keep trying. It’ll gradually boost their confidence and they will start trusting the process in whatever new they take up. 

5. Freedom to be on their own:

Give them ample freedom to be on their own. Let them jump, scream, shout, dance, sing, create mess or just sit idle. Let them be! Children learn so much when they are left on their own. Let it not be a day full of guided affairs of do’s and don’ts. Believe me, they crave for space as much as adults do. 

6. Freedom to extend a helping hand :

Welcome when they want to help. They may want to help your house help in some way. Let it be.  Acknowledge all kinds of help they want to extend. Whether it is for organising things, laundry, baking, watering plants etc don’t say no outright. 

7. Freedom to make mistakes :

It’s okay to make mistakes. This is the only way they learn and have fun at the same time.  They learn and will eventually master things that interest them. For instance, don’t grunt if your child writes a mirror image of some numbers or alphabets or don’t fret if your child takes time to learn something new. Each child has their own learning curve. Let’s  not be obsessed with being perfect at all times.

So, mommies pledge to take a leap of faith with a dash of hope and teach kids responsibility by giving them enough freedom.

We will see our little ones blossom into beautiful human beings. At the same time, if a child demonstrates through behavior and choices that he cannot handle greater freedom, do step in and help the child learn.

I hope you find the article helpful. Do share your views in the comment section. 

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