Happy Hormones : Ways to Create an Upbeat and Happy Mood During Pandemic.

Hey mommies! 

These days because of Coronavirus its become a constant struggle to keep a balanced state of mind. With suddenly so much to do, even 24 hours seem less. Right from household chores, office commitments, home schooling everything looks like unending chores.  Although we are already 10 months into quarantine, still there are miles to go before absolute normalcy is resumed. Today’s Episode is about Generating Happy Hormones i.e. Ways to create an Upbeat Mood and Feel Fulfilled in the current scenario. 

During pre covid times there were many avenues to unwind whether it was by socialising with family and friends, going for an excursion, heading for a salon session or simply going for a rejuvenating spa, there were always ways and means to explore new avenues of unwinding. Now with limited options at hand, physical distancing being the norm and our safety being in our own hands, current times call for saving one’s sanity by reflecting  deep within and understanding what all can keep us rejuvenated throughout the day without much dependence on anyone. 

Especially for mommies, who are flooded with innumerable demands the whole day, it’s important to pat your back, catch up on your breath, and while sipping your hot cuppa look for ways that can bring calmness into the daily chaos. 

Here are some of the ways that can help you generate happy hormones and help you sail through the day with much enthusiasm. 

1. Me time :  Take out time for yourself even if it means starting with 20 minutes a day. Become self centered no matter what and give that much time to yourself. Those with younger children might have to struggle initially. Believe me eventually you’ll sail through because once it becomes a habit you’ll start craving for more “me” time. 

2. Look for happiness within. : Stop fretting and looking for happiness outside. For instance, seeking approval of family or friends on so many things you do or say. Be confident and explore what makes you feel happy and accomplished and act on it. For instance, it could be catching up on the latest netflix series, baking, going for a run, reading, painting etc. Do whatever makes you feel satiated. 

3. Engage in some form of positive self affirmation. Keep reminding yourself that you are beautiful and are spearheading affairs on the work front as well as family in a fantastic way. You can use some of these uplifting statements for yourself such as Everyday in Everyway i am getting better. I am Healthy, Happy, Active and Energetic throughout the day and likewise. Positive affirmations have a great impact on our minds and thus how we act. 

4. Focus on little things that can bring smile on your face. For instance,  hug from your child when you found a lost toy for her, family member serving you with a hot cup of tea when you needed it the most, call from a loved one you’ve been wanting to hear from a long time or simply digging in your favourite dessert. Always be grateful for little gestures. They might not look so important  but are milestones in achieving the Happiness Quotient. Remember, happiness always comes in small packages. 

5. Acceptance of current situation : While it’s okay to remain positive minded but don’t chase happiness that you stop accepting your present situation. Have the courage to accept the current circumstance and yet strive to be happy. Keep your hopes for better days alive and kicking. It’s just a matter of time. 

6.  Use social media sparingly:

Social media though effective in many ways, ends up eating our most productive hours. While its okay to set aside some time for mindless surfing it is equally important to not let stray habits eat into your precious time. Keep a check on your priorities for the day otherwise guilt conscience can capture your mindspace. 

So, mommies next time we want to fret or find ourselves worrying about the current circumstance lets dwell less on the stress and focus more on positives of everyday life. Remember to always take one step at a time and you won’t realise you’ve climbed a mountain of happiness in no time. 

Lets nurture thoughts of positivity and good hope. 

I hope you found this episode useful. Do look after yourself first before heading out for others.

Happy Mommying!

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