Fostering Self Esteem in Children

What is fostering positive self esteem in kids? 

When your child thinks and feels good and worthy in their eyes. 

But, how does that happen? 

This happens when a child hears selective NOs and enough acknowledgements from either or both parents and people in their immediate environment such as grandparents, friends, educators etc. 

Self esteem makes them confident about themselves, and they don’t hesitate before taking action.  

Here are some tips to foster positive self esteem in kids – 

  1. Trust them when they initiate something. Don’t invalidate their effort because that is where the natural ability to take initiative gets sabotaged and your child will be always reluctant to do anything independently. For eg. It could be for anything, as small as adding sugar to your tea in your presence. Be around and teach your child how much to add. There are chances of your tea getting spoiled the first few times but in return your child will get enough confidence in doing something all by herself and will definitely learn the correct way of doing it too.. 

   2. Give them responsibility. Kids love to take responsibility. Give them tasks such as folding clothes, adding water to plants or helping her younger sibling with fixing blocks, reading, writing etc.  

  3. Praise their effort. Be vigilant and acknowledge every effort they make. Even if you are busy with office or household chores and your child comes over and shows you her sketch. Turn towards her for a moment and appreciate her effort.

   4.  In toddlers, if they are starting to crawl, show your appreciation with every step they take with claps, smiles and hugs. It will boost them up with oodles of confidence.

  5.   Look for positive qualities in your child and keep repeating those to her and you’ll see a big change in their personality over a period of time. For example, Tell her it is all because of her perseverance that she has now started playing tennis so well. It is her regular practise that has made her master the technique.

6.  Last but not the least, don’t get upset with mistakes and let your criticism be healthy and constructive. Let it not be harsh in actions or words as that can kill the natural ability in your child to think and learn.

7. Teach them to finish whatever task they start with. Be a facilitator and provide guidance to complete the task at hand. And then teach them to take pride in their accomplishments. It will boost their self esteem.

I hope you found these tips useful. Stay tuned and Stay Terrific! 

Happy  Parenting!

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