Dads Everlasting Bond with His Children

Kids and their dads share a special bond. The maternal bond is widely spoken and understood  while the fatherly bond remains under wraps. 

Dads are extremely compassionate and emote their affection in a unique way. Children sense their dad’s affection in a million ways. So, what makes dad’s presence important?        

Dads somehow manage to keep their warmth around kids even if they aren’t around for a major part of the day. Researchers suggest that dad’s involvement in positive parenting and play makes a huge difference in your child’s overall growth and development. 

In our case, though my husband is not very expressive as I am with my kids, I see my girls share a beautiful unsaid equation with their daddy. The days when my husband is working late or traveling, my girls keep questioning when he will return or why he has to work late. They literally finish their final chores of the day with much disinterest. At the same time, the days their father reaches home in time my girls go running to the door when he arrives. They have to be the first ones to greet their dear daddy. That’s one moment I would want to preserve for a lifetime. I’m sure this is true for most kids. 

As a dad we could do the least to leave behind the stresses of professional life and be with kids for some time. Research shows that children need their father’s exclusive attention for more than 30 minutes a day. High-quality interactions with children are possible when you are able to do more than their routine jobs. It can be hard to find the time when you’re juggling long work hours but the key is in making time for your little buds.

Following are simple and practical ways to make daddy time interesting and special : 

1. Make outdoor activities fun:

Once home, take them for an outdoor sport. Free play is equally enriching for kids. Taking them for swings, slides, etc. is a lot of fun. Do something that keeps you in sight or is involving. This will make outdoors extremely fun for you and your child.

2. Embrace time together:

If you are indoors, play hide and seek, board games, puzzles, create something with blocks, or play music and dance together. Do something that’s between you and your child. 

3. Don’t keep mobile phone in sight:

Keep that little devil, your mobile phone away for at least an hour and you’ll see a huge difference in how your children bond with you. 

4. Bond over a meal:

I’m sure most daddies get to spend dinner time with their little ones. Let dinner be an exclusive time for the entire family. Keep away from the television during this time. Feed them and stop the moment they are full. They’ll respect you for that. 

5. Bedtime is the best time:

Read bedtime stories to them. Ask them how their day was, what did they like doing the most during the day, what did not interest them at all, who made them smile, did they laugh in school and so on. You can strike a beautiful conversation with children during bedtime. You’ll be amazed to see how beautiful this conversation can become.  

6. Appreciation goes a long way:

Appreciation is an instant morale booster. Appreciate them for something they did during the day that made them feel proud of themselves. For example, it could be helping a friend, sharing with siblings, cleaning up their play area after playtime, learning something new etc. 

7. Date with your darling:

If they achieve a task, promise them an outdoor picnic over the weekend, a play-date with their close friends, dessert party over the weekend, visit a museum and so on. This will keep them motivated. It’s a unique way to pamper kids once in a while for them to feel special.

8. Inculcating Simple Habits: 

Drop them to school sometimes if they go by school bus. This is the time to inculcate some habits such as praying together while traveling. It could be as simple as chanting a simple prayer to seek blessings for a good day. In our case, whether it’s me or my husband, while dropping our little ones to school we chant gayatri mantra together. This way you can inculcate the habit of thanking the Almighty for all the beautiful things we have. 

9. Get involved in academics:

During weekends contribute to making them revise what they’ve been learning in school. Even if it is for ten minutes, do get involved in academics. It’ll make them feel that daddy is equally involved. As they grow up they might come to you for their academic issues if you are involved from the beginning. 

10. Crazy things make for fun times:

Laugh with them without a reason. See them cracking up. Give them piggyback rides and run to another room, pretend a funny phone conversation. Jump together on a mattress in the playroom, sing rhymes together, jump on bubble wraps, blow and burst balloons. These activities are simple and a lot of fun that kids look forward to playing on a regular basis. It also shows that dad’s are passionately involved with their kids. 

In a nutshell, try to have special times when it’s you and your children. Routines of affection and amiability make children feel loved and secure in your presence. Being available for your little ones and letting them know that you are there will only foster an enduring and warm relationship.

I hope the above citings are easy and practical for some exclusive kiddy daddy moments.  

Do share your views if you find these tips useful. 

Happy dadding! 

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